January 9, 2024

Family Newsletter—January 2024

HAPPY 2024! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Every January, the new year is filled with messages of
resolutions and goal setting. While young children may not understand the idea of a new year’s resolutions, you can begin to build their confidence and motivation by setting good examples.

  • Encourage optimism. Try to focus on possible solutions for a problem rather than dwelling on the problem itself.
    Teach them grit. Applaud their effort and help them understand that success doesn’t always happen on the
    first attempt.
  • Help them accept that we all make mistakes! That is how we learn. Accepting our mistakes is key to how we
    approach challenges in the future.
  • Celebrate their wins. They’ve worked hard, let them know you see their success!
  • Give them a chance to succeed. Kids need our love and support. Encourage them to pursue their interests.