December 22, 2021

3 Simple Tips for Handling Junk Food During the Holidays

By Angela Siebenaller, CACFP Specialist

The holiday season comes with the opportunity to indulge in many of our favorite holiday treats. While these foods are an important part of many holiday celebrations, children overindulging in treats often ends in meltdowns and tummy aches. Below are 3 tips for handling junk food this holiday season.

  1. Have a plan! Before a holiday event or party take the time to think about ways you can stay on track during the holidays. You may try things like:
  • Plan to bring a healthy dish to ensure there is a variety of foods to choose from. Try fresh vegetables, hummus, a vegetable-based side dish or a fruit salad.
  • Eat a healthy meal or snack before a holiday gathering so that you don’t show up ravenous.
  • Commit to filling your plate with nutritious foods before indulging in your favorite holiday sweets.

2. Moderation is key to enjoying your favorite holiday treats and not over doing it. Be intentional and try setting a limit for how many sweet treats you feel comfortable eating that day. Check out all the options and select only your favorites.

3. Remember the reason for the season. Shift the focus from gathering around the buffet table to enjoying time catching up with family and friends, playing games/sports, getting active, watching classic holiday shows and movies, exchanging gifts, etc. While food is an important part of many holiday gatherings, there are plenty of other options to keep you entertained throughout the holiday season.