"Where Children Learn Through Play"

Quality child care…

…a topic being discussed every day by caring and concerned parents. But where do you go to find it?

At the dawn of a new century, the expectations for a child’s future are as high as a flying balloon and parents have risen to the challenge by demanding the best. The best facilities, the best equipment, and the best educational programs for their children.

Kids Discovery is owner operated with the owner available for support and guidance to teachers and help for parents as needed.

Parents should get maximum value for their investment in superior child care. At Kids Discovery our services are offered to everyone, regardless of race, creed, sex, religion or national origin. Every child is special.

Locally owned and operated – Lisa and Wraith Drake opened their first child care center in 1994 in Snellville, Georgia. Our philosophy is that children should be embraced within a caring and safe environment where they can learn through play.

In 1999 they moved to Fort Walton Beach, Florida and saw a need to develop a safe and caring child care center; one that would allow busy, loving parents to work outside the home and know their children are in a happy, learning environment.

From the moment you walk through the front door of a Kids Discovery facility, you can see our philosophy in action. The carefully planned design of our facilities, the sense of commitment from directors and staff members, feeling of being in a secure environment and most importantly, the knowledge that each child is a special member of a special team that loves to discover their environment at Kids Discovery.

Kids Discovery is entrusted with a family’s most treasured possession, their child. Providing a safe, wholesome environment for your children is of utmost importance to our centers.

Our centers represent a significant investment, not only in the facilities, buses and play equipment but also in training and caring.  We will work hard to make each day your child spends with us a great day, filled with learning and playing.  At Kids Discovery we are not all day baby sitters, we are partners with you in the development of your child.