A World of Adventure Awaits!


A World of Adventure Awaits!

Kids Discovery offers programs for ages six weeks through 12 years, and walks alongside children and their families on their journey of wonder and discovery. Our infant caregivers help babies thrive in a nurturing, loving environment, while older children  are provided with opportunities for hands-on learning, physical activity, and social-emotional growth. All our programs are designed to expand your children’s imaginations, sharpen their skills, and strengthen their socialization.



Infancy is an extraordinary time of development and growth, so our program focuses on nurturing the physical, social, and emotional needs of babies ages six weeks to 11 months.

  • We partner with parents to ensure smooth transitions from home to our infant care.
  • Our warm, welcoming atmosphere allows each infant to thrive within a gentle yet stimulating environment.
  • Each day consists of movement, exploration, care, and relaxation.
  • Infants are monitored constantly, and fed/diapered according to their individual schedules and needs.

Young smiling child playing with colorful pencils.


Naturally curious and active, toddlers are encouraged to learn through parallel play, hands-on activities, and teacher-child interactions.

  • Our curriculum complements toddlers’ wonder and natural desire to push boundaries.
  • We help our toddlers to develop comforting routines, lasting friendships, strong self-esteem, and a love for learning.
  • Physical activities help build fine- and gross motor skills.
  • Both teacher- and child-directed activities are balanced with rest and social time.


Our two-year-olds are joyful, playful, and learning by leaps and bounds: Talking, singing, and trying new things occur here every day.

  • Our teachers engage children through cognitive, artistic, and play-based learning.
  • Throughout the day, we present activities that allow your child to develop both small and large muscles, have imaginative interactions, and explore their creativity in a safe environment.
  • Growing skills—from feeding to drinking to lining up and walking between activities—build independence, confidence, and cooperation.

Elementary-age child looking at a planet through a magnifying glass in a classroom.


Ninety percent of a child’s brain is developed by age five! That’s why preschool—with critically important cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional stimulation—impacts a child’s development long-term. Preschool helps produce:

  • Higher high school graduation rates
  • Reduced instances of crime or teen pregnancy
  • Greater socialization and earning potential throughout their lives

We use preschoolers’ energy and curiosity to help shape their minds, strengthen their independence, and build a strong sense of confidence. For these three- to five-year-olds, we mix communication skills, hands-on learning, cooperation, and more toward daily learning.

  • Discovery Kids curriculum grows a child’s understanding of cause and effect through activities that present real-world situations.
  • We’ve established multiple age- and developmentally-appropriate areas for exploring and learning through play.
  • Children continue to hone their gross- and fine motor skills while also learning to socialize and follow rules.

Voluntary Pre-K

Florida VPK prepares early learners for success in kindergarten and beyond by using educational materials corresponding to various stages of development in social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive arenas.

  • Eligible children must live in Florida and be four years old on/before September 1 of the current school year.
  • Each child gains the tools for educational success from a high-quality program with an early literacy focus.
  • Teachers foster deeper learning via science experiments, art projects, numbers, letters, and manners.
  • Baseline learning levels are monitored to gauge progress as children gain proficiency in various skills.



Elementary-Aged Programs

Extend learning time with our before- and after-school program, where we provide a quiet work space for children to read, do homework, play, and socialize.

  • We help children ages six through 12 to focus on goal-setting, quiet reflection, and character development to encourage personal growth toward a lifetime of success.
  • Summer Camp options keep the learning going all year round with fun and informative programming.
  • Kids Discovery provides transportation to and from several local elementary schools.

Extra Opportunities

An in-house soccer club, taught by a local professional company, helps your little athletes to hone both physical- and teamwork skills.

Enjoy a monthly Parents’ Night Out while we plan fun care options for your children.