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From the moment you walk through the front door of a Kids Discovery center, you can see their philosophy in action. The carefully planned design of this facility, the sense of commitment from the team, the feeling of being in a secure environment, and the knowledge that each child is a special member of a special team makes Kids Discovery an environment of discovery.

Kids Discovery is entrusted with a family’s most treasured possession, their children. Providing a safe, wholesome environment is of utmost importance to us.

Our center represents a significant investment, not only in facilities, buses, and play environment, but also in training and caring. We will work hard to make each day your child spends with us a great day, filled with learning and playing.

At Kids Discovery we are not all-day babysitters. We are partners with you in the development of your child.


Our warm, welcoming and loving atmosphere allows each infant to thrive within our stimulating environment. Each day consists of movement, exploration and relaxation. Constant monitoring, proper feeding and diaper changing are all elements necessary to the happiness and care of your baby.


All toddlers are naturally curious and active. Our classrooms are set up to encourage throughing through parallel play by offering duplicate materials, hands on activites and teacher-child interactions.


Throughout the day, your child will take part in activities that allow them to develop small and large muscles, imaginative interations and creative exploration in a safe environment. We encourage our children to learn self-help skills, including feeding themselves, drinking from a cup and walking from activity to activity.


Prepare your child for school with our Pre-K program by starting in a structured learning environment. We offer a variety of activities that focus on development in social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive areas.


Prepare your child for kindergarten by enrolling in our Free VPK Program. Our teachers work with structure and allow deeper learning with science experiments, art projects, numbers, letters and manners.


We understand the importance of after school programs. Extend the learning time for your child with our school-age program. We provide a quiet work space for children to read and work on homework, an active area for socialization and cooperative games.


Registration fees are due upon enrollment and annually thereafter for your child. Weekly tuition fees are due on Friday for the upcoming week in advanced. Below are our tuition prices for all age groups.

    • Infants...
    • $250
    • Toddlers...
    • $195
    • Twos...
    • $185
    • Preschool...
    • $160-165
    • VPK...
    • $125
    • School-Age...
    • $60-135
These prices exclude our Crestview location. Please contact the Crestview location for more pricing and program information.

Our Philosophy

At Kids Discovery, we believe that children should be embraced within a caring and safe environment where they can learn through play.

The developing personality of each child is more evident as they grow. We make certain that our teachers take special care to watch the progress of each child and report their progress to parents. By focusing on the positive aspects of a child's behavior, teachers promote an atmosphere that allows each child to grow at his or her own pace and develop skills that will help them realize their highest potential.

Kids Discovery teachers know that a positive approach is the best approach. Using praise creates a good attitude toward learning and helps build a child's self-esteem. Learning should be a happy, rewarding experience for the children and the teacher.

Kids Discovery provides an enriched learning environment for children six weeks to 12 years of age. All our teachers are trained to recognize each child's developmental progress through age appropriate milestones, building upon what they know to incorporate developmental needs and interests. The state's training requirements allow childcare professionals choose developmentally appropriate practices for the age group in which they work allowing the professionals to enhance day to day schedules and lesson plans. Each classroom at Kids Discovery encompasses individual levels of learning growth and development in language, fine and gross motor activities logical thinking, problem solving, social development, and emotional skills through play. It is our goal to enhance each child's play through inventive lesson plans that are developed through observations, planning and evaluation.

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