"Where Children Learn Through Play"


Treating each child as an individual is most important at this point in their lives. We help each child start developing his or her full creative potential.

One and two year olds are naturally curious. At our center, children can explore their world in a safe surrounding. Showing them pictures, allowing them to touch, smell and create objects are just a few activities necessary for healthy development. In addition, teachers are encouraged to let the children hold and identify items, talk, walk, feed themselves, and accomplish potty training. 

Three through five year old children are beginning to prepare for school. As professionals, the teachers at Kids Discovery begin to provide a more structured learning environment; so that each child will have a strong foundation for their elementary school years.  Activities such as: recognizing the alphabet, beginning to read, working with numbers, exploring arts and crafts, refining eye-hand coordination and problem solving tasks are all used by the teachers at Kids Discovery. Computers are also introduced to the children and are used in the classroom as a learning tool.

VPK (Voluntary PreKindergarten) Program
Our centers offer the community the Florida Voluntary PreKindergarten Program.  This program was signed into law in 2005 to prepare every 4 year old child residing in Florida the opportunity to prepare them for kindergarten.  We will build a strong foundation for their continued educational success.  The VPK program will provide each child the opportunity to perform better in school and throughout life with a high quality educational program with an early literacy focus.

School Age 
Six through twelve year old children have a bounty of activities during school and summer vacation times. In many families both parents work. Our before and after school program caters to the working parents during the school year and particularly during the summer. For children 6 to 12, Kids Discovery offers what parents are looking for-additional learning times, supervised activities, and safe environments.