January 7, 2022

Family Newsletter—January 2022


HAPPY 2022! We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season! Every January, the new year is filled with messages of resolutions and goal setting. While young children may not understand the idea of a new year’s resolutions, you can begin to build their confidence and motivation by setting good examples.

  • Encourage optimism. Try to focus on possible solutions for a problem rather than dwelling on the problem itself.
  • Teach them grit. Applaud their effort and help them understand that success doesn’t always happen on the first attempt. Sometimes it takes new strategies to solve a problem or repeated practice to master a skill.
  • Help them accept that sometimes they will fail. We all make mistakes! That is how we learn. How we accept our failures is key to how we approach challenges in the future.
  • Celebrate their wins. They’ve worked hard, let them know you see their success!
  • Give them a chance to succeed. Kids need our love and support. Encourage them to pursue their interests.